What to expect from Sunrise Studio skincare

I am thrilled to introduce the award winning Kalahari Lifestyle skincare range into my studio.

ancient desert secrets

The  Professional Treatments  include:

The Honey Bush Facial:

This unique Kalahari Facial  revitalizes dull and dehydrated skin. I will cleanse, exfoliate and massage and apply the Honey Bush Souffle treatment mask. Your skin will be left smooth and deeply moisturized.


basic facial

The Phyto Compounding Facials:

These are bespoke facials, designed, after consultation, with your skin’s specific needs in mind.

I will use a set of specialised professional products that includes plant infused Muds, Clays and Phyto Treatment Mediums. The ingredients are highly effective plant extracts, phyto acids as well as vegetable and fruit enzymes.




Please connect with me on melissa.beautytherapy@gmail.com

I’d also love to connect with you on Facebook  at  Sunrise Beauty Studio

Or on Twitter  @SunriseStudio1

And don’t forget Instagram! @sunrisebeautystudio


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