How should you shape your eyebrows?


Trick Question. Because, maybe you shouldn’t shape them at all.

For two reasons.

  1. Full, bushy eyebrows are a popular trend
  2. It’s so easy to make a mistake and over pluck.

(You can check out #EyebrowsOnFleek on Instagram for the best looks in eyebrow grooming.)


There is this formula.


But actually, my worst nightmares are made of the ‘How to do your eyebrows yourself’ articles in women’s magazines that feature an image like this. I want to write in and say:

DON’T. Just don’t.

Because here’s the thing:  It’s almost impossible to squint out of one watering eye, possibly over glasses, support your skin, pluck without pinching, defy gravity AND get the above angles right even if you are a trained professional.

So, if your brows are bothersome and bushy, here are a few tips to tame them without the risk of overdoing it:

  1.  Get them shaped professionally every so often. How often depends on your budget and the amount of hair growth. (Note: You can and should be bossy with your therapist. Less waxing/plucking/threading is more. Thin eyebrows are aging and make you look like Marlene Dietrich.)                                                                                               Marlene dietrich
  2. You may feel tempted to pluck  your brows between appointments. If it’s that or a unibrow, I’ll forgive you. But do consult the diagram. Draw guide lines with eyeliner if you have to. Eyebrows like these have been over plucked:                                                   eyebrows   
  3.  Exercise restraint when it comes to regrowth under the arch.  Don’t even go there. It is way too easy to become Marlene.
  4.  Instead, straighten up the line and fill in the colour with eyebrow makeup, like an eyebrow pencil or powder OR this lovely Penultimate Brow Marker from Mac. 
  5. Eyebrows are gorgeous when full and tidy. Use an eyebrow comb to keep them neat. Eyebrow gel like this  Fluidline Brow Gelcreme (Also from Mac) gives even unruly eyebrows a perfect contour. You could also try the Essence Make Me Brow  Eyebrow Gel. These products fill, lengthen and shape your brows, without the risk of a plucking mistake. 
  6. Remember your brows are sisters, not clones. They don’t have to be exactly the same. Plucking to get them to be identical twins is brow-icidal.  
  7. And if you have over plucked? Don’t despair. Learn a few celebrity tricks on How to Get Full, Gorgeous Brows                                                                                                                cara-delevingne-eyebrows                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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