Five Manicure Must-Haves #1

The Right Base Coat

Your manicure is only as good as the adhesion of the base coat to your nail. If that fails,the color will too.

The base coat has four basic functions. It  protects the natural nail, strengthens & heals, fills ridges and acts as a bonder. ie. It allows for better adhesion to the nail and to the color.

Which are some of the best products out there for your nails?



I love Orly’s Top to Bottom. It’s easy to use, dries fast and does the job, keeping nails free from pigment stains as well as providing a base for strong colour adhesion.

Strengthening and Healing:

The winner here, hands down, is Nail Envy from OPI. I lost a gel client after recommending Nail Envy  because it strengthened her nails to the point of my redundancy.  They have Orginal, Matte (for the incognito nail conscious person in your life) Soft, Thin Nails, and Dry, Brittle Nails. OPI makes Nail Envy in colours now too.

nail envy.

Filling Ridges:



I love the Essie Fill the Gap ridge filler. It self levels over irregularities on the nails, leaving a smooth perfect finish for your color application. You can see the results in action HERE

fill the gap


Look no further than the Orly Bonder Base Coat, listed HERE on the InStyle Best Beauty Buys Hall of Fame 2016 . It is a rubberized resin based nail foundation designed to grip the surface of the nails and bond to the polish, NYC nail pro, Alexandra McCormick says on InStyle’s site. Another NYC nail pro, Cas Lamar tells InStyle that it acts as a ridgefiller and protects the nails from staining.

orly bonder

Let me know about your favorite base coats. Which ones do you like to use?

Coming soon: Part Two: Choosing Nail Polish Colors. Which Colors are right for you?


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