Ancient desert secrets told at Gordon’s Bay

Kalahari Lifestyle is a skin care range for the eco-smart client.

The founder, Carina Franck, says:   This  signature range is more than a cutting-edge natural treatment; it is an experience of Africa itself –the colours of the earth, the raw textures and the rare fragrances all wrapped in life-giving goodness.

It was wonderful to connect  with other stockists and therapists at Kalahari’s training session held at  Manor on the Bay guesthouse in Gordon’s Bay yesterday. We enjoyed an amazing, dynamic and challenging training session, learning the active ingredients of the product range, how to prescribe them and then, the highlight for me, the basics of Phyto Compounding.


Usually, during product training we learn how to perform various prescribed facials, starting with a choice of cleansers, then exfoliators, massage mediums, serums, and finally a choice of masks, all based on the presented skin type.

With Kalahari, however, after the cleanse and exfoliation, the therapist has a beautiful stand of ingredients, phyto compounds (plant ingredients – including rooibos and honeybush tea- , clays and muds) to choose from.  Based on the skin analysis she must build a mask treatment sequence from those ingredients.

Tricky? Yes

Challenging? Yes

Results?  Totally worth the extra effort.

“We are all scientists inside,” said Carina, to the room of beauty therapists. “We like to mix things.”

And mix we must. The most effective phyto compounds are blended for each client, and these may be area specific if necessary (eg the nose area is treated with different ingredients to the neck and decollete.)


The anti-aging tinted moisturizer I won at training and now love.

So I have a bit of homework to do, and I must prepare carefully for each client, but isn’t that what you would want? A personal, bespoke facial, designed just for you, in order to get the results you want?

Coming soon:  How high should your SPF be?


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