How to do a no-tools French Manicure

What’s Monday without a great manicure to see you through the week?

Today why not paint your own French Manicure?

french mani

I love this easy Tutorial by the amazing Kelli Marissa. Watch it and you will be able to paint your own french manicure in a flash.  You will only need six things.

  1. A nail cleanser/dehydrator (you could use nail polish remover)
  2.  A base coat, preferably a ridge filler.
  3. A white nail polish.
  4. A top coat (she uses one with a gel-like finish, only you won’t need a light to cure it)
  5. A narrow tipped brush
  6. Pure acetone.

DIY Easy Classic French Manicure Tutorial (no tools required!) || KELLI MARISSA

Don’t forget to scroll below to see similar products to the ones Kelli Marissa has used that are available in South Africa.

Chip Skip from OPI (available at Salons)                                                                                          chip skip


Ridge Filler from Orly (available at Salons and Hands Down in Cape Town)

ridge filler

White Nail Polish  I like Sally Hansen’s Hard Nails Xtr  White. It doesn’t go thick and has a nice thin brush.


Essence has  a top coat that mimics a gel.

essence gel topcoat

You can get a narrow tip brush, like a shading brush at Dischem.

Dischem also stocks pure acetone, as does Clicks and your hardware store.


Have a great #ManicureMonday



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