Life after imported skin care ranges

I am not the best retail saleslady on earth. Ask *imported French skincare range* After fifteen years together, they broke up with me.

While I was always confident in the efficacy of the range, I was not always comfortable selling it due to the cost of the products.

Don’t get me wrong. I love *imported French skincare range* I knew the products inside out, the molecules, the nanospheres, the polysaccharide chains, even the effect of tyrosinase on melanocytes. But when I closed my PE salon and moved house six times in three years and my sales spiraled down, *imported French skincare range* broke up with me.


I thought my skin would never be the same. I gave up offering skincare on my treatment menu. How could I live, or move on, without *them*?

Maybe you have felt like that too? Maybe you have felt the cost of *imported skin care ranges* stretching out of your reach, but you are afraid that it will mark the beginning of the end of your complexion?

I stumbled across Kalahari Lifestyle while searching the internet for a local, good quality, effective brand.  Then I found them IRL at the Professional Beauty Expo.

ancient desert secrets

The range is made of concentrated plant extracts, phyto compounds and plant oils sourced from indigenous African Plants. Kalahari is an environmentally conscious brand and uses only reputable phytotrade organizations and sustainable resources.


Rosehip Fruit Oil

Plus it’s an affordable brand, in nice, yet minimal packaging, rep’ed by friendly, knowledgeable staff and has a cool, earthy vibe.

I loved the facials and the products right away,  but deep down I was skeptical that my skin could ever be as good as it was with *imported French skincare range*

I used up bits and bobs, left overs of *imported French skincare range*, samples and trials from various suppliers, all the while bewailing my now dull, aging skin, with it’s new blotches of pigmentation, the side effects of my obsession with stand up paddle boarding.

When I finally plucked two products off my Kalahari retail shelf, the top of the range Phyto Rich Moisturizer (R304)  for Dry/Mature Skin and and the Phyto DD cream (a tinted moisturizer which retails at R123), I hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst.


At first I saw no improvement. My dreams of being dewy again, as I was on  *imported French skincare range*, seemed distant. But halfway into the Phyto Rich Moisturizer, and after a Phyto Compound facial, things started to change. I started to see and feel a difference. My dewy complexion returned (the opposite of parched and dehydrated), my pigmentation reduced, I noticed a radiant glow and a lovely smooth texture.


I can’t believe it. Because I am a good few years north of forty, it’s hard to keep the effects of aging at bay, so I am thrilled with this result. My skin is as good, if not BETTER than it was on *imported French skincare range*  I can’t wait to add serums and gels to my routine to see even more of a difference. And I am delighted that the products do not require a small mortgage to purchase.

I now feel 100% confident to recommend them to my clients because they work, and I feel comfortable to recommend them to my clients because they don’t cost the earth.

Kalahari Lifestyle includes:

Natural Products

Not tested on Animals 

Recyclable Packaging

Contains NO – parabens, sulphates, isoporpylene glycol, formaldehyde and mineral oil

Organically sourced Khoi San Rooibos Tea



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