ALL the brights and beautifuls with this enzyme peel

There is one facial in the Kalahari range that I’ve kind of been sneaking around, avoiding.

My facial nemesis is the Phyto Enzyme Compound treatment, also known as the PEC treatment or pumpkin enzyme exfoliation.

Joyous Health

It is short in duration but deep in exfoliation. The active ingredient is a pumpkin enzyme that digests the protein of your skin’s dead surface cells. The removal of these cells increases skin renewal, improves cell turnover, smooths your skin’s texture and brightens dull skin.

Sounds wonderful, right? So why have I been avoiding it?

Well, our whole business model as beauty therapists is client-comfort led. We want you to feel like you are having a long, luxurious, relaxing treatment, but this treatment is short and sharp. It is an enzyme peel, and, I’m sure you know, a peel is not always super comfortable while its happening.

Many of you are also presenting with skin irritations, eczema, and sensitive skin, possibly due to  increasing environmental and stressful lifestyle factors, so we  have to be pretty courageous when choosing intensive, active treatments like the Phyto Enzyme Compound.

I decided, though, after looking at Kalahari’s incredible before and after photos, that it was time to stop avoiding this challenge. I decided it was probably also best that the crash test dummy for the Phyto Enzyme Compound treatment be me.  Fortunately, I meet the sensitive AND the ageing criteria.  Not only do I have a long history of eczema and dermatitis,  I also moved further north of forty last month, so am in dire need of rejuvenation and brightening.

There are a few permutations of the Phyto Enzyme Compound facial, but I tested the least mild version. I cleansed my skin with the gel cleanser and toned.  (There is no exfoliation or steam in the treatment, as that would be too aggressive.)

I then  brushed the Phyto Enzyme Compound directly onto my clean dry skin, including my face, neck and decollete. It is like a clear, sticky gel.

I looked at the clock after the application as there is a two minute time limit to prevent frosting.  By two minutes my face was very tingly and I was glad the time was up. I applied a layer of cleansing milk over the PEC and waited another three very tingly minutes. The next step was to remove both layers with gauze soaked in Rooibos tea, which was wonderfully soothing.

I then applied the Honeybush Souffle Mask to my clean skin for ten minutes,  and it felt like ice cream on a sore throat.

Again I removed it with gauze soaked in Rooibos tea. I finished with Hydralite Moisturiser and SPF 40.

I was expecting a red angry face, but I was delighted to find that my skin was calm and even in colour, the tingling was gone and the texture was unlike anything I have felt in a very long time. My chin area, which can be very temperamental, bumpy and congested, is smooth and without blotches. I felt like I was glowing and radiant.

emily and me

A few hours after a very tingly Phyto Enzyme Compound Treatment.

So I am going to stop avoiding this treatment now, in fact, I am bleak I was hesitant with it in the first place as the results are fantastic.  A follow up treatment can be done after 14 days and I intend to do that.

The facial is R295 and takes about half an hour. It is perfect for Prematurely Aging Skin, Dry and Mature Skin as well as Oily and Problematic Skin. It can be combined with the regular Kalahari Clays and Muds to add extra voomah to the facial. A neck and shoulder massage can also be added to up the luxury factor. We need a bit more time for that and the price with the add-ons is from R350 – R375.

This facial is tingly so I would still say that it is not suitable for very sensitive skin types. Due to the deep exfoliation it is also not suited to hyper pigmented skin types.

Going in to winter is a good time to perform deep exfoliation because the UV factor is not so high, and neither are the chances of you spending hours on the beach in the sun. Feel free to send me an email at for more information, if you have questions or for bookings.

Have a great Wednesday






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