Sunrise is a beautiful time of day. Everything is fresh and new and the light is kind to all it meets as it comes over the horizon.

Where I live the sun  rises over the ocean. It rises over False Bay and scatters its sequins over the surface, until it reaches the beaches, where it casts its light from the sand to the mountains, painting them in the colors of the morning.

sunrise woman


I am excited to launch my beauty studio in this corner of the world, where mountains meet oceans, and sunshine adds sparkle to the days.

I have been working in the beauty industry for the past sixteen years. I studied at Total Concept Academy in Port Elizabeth where I graduated with the following ITEC (UK)  diplomas:

Aromatherapy; Sports Massage; Anatomy & Physiology; Swedish Massage; Beauty Specialist (Which includes manicure, pedicure, waxing and skincare).

I have completed nail courses in the following systems:

Acrylic, Fibre, Gel and Gel Polish.

I also completed a Total Concept Academy course in Hot Stone Therapy.

My goal is to bring a a new dawn to your health and skincare requirements.








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